Cookie Policy, Terms

Enabling the LegalDocument menu in the admin

LegalDocument menu is enabled in admin as default. If you’re using custom menu, include the following line in your admin/base.html file:

 <li id="legaldocument-menu"><a href="{{baseurl}}admin/legaldocument/"><i class="fa fa-file"></i> <span class="name">{{#menu_legaldocument#}}</span></a></li>

How to display cookie policies

Cookie policy can be displayed in two steps:

  1. Create a cookie policy in admin at URL admin/legaldocument.
  2. Add the following line before the closing body tag of base.html:
    {% include 'legaldocument/show/cookiepolicy' %}

Important note: If cookie policy doesn’t exists in current locale, the popup window won’t be displayed!
The content of the popup window can be changed in language files legaldocument.{locale code}.lang.ini.

How to add a link for popup terms

Every LegalDocument type (privacy, terms, cookiepolicy) can be opened in popup with ajax request to URL /legaldocument/{document_type}, where document_type is one of the following options: terms, privacy or cookiepolicy.
For example, the following line opens terms in a popup window:

 <a onclick="ofw.ajax.alert('legaldocument/terms');">Terms</a>

Every LegalDocument type can be opened as a page as well by URL legaldocument/{document_type}. For example, the following line opens terms:

 <a href="legaldocument/terms">Terms</a>

Other document type

The other Legaldocument type handles custom documents. You can define unlimited number of other LegalDocument type in every language. You can create this type of LegalDocument in three steps:

  1. Define document in admin, set friendly URL, which will be the name of the template (e.g. impress).
  2. Create a custom template file in legaldocument/get view directory for ajax popup (e.g. legaldocument/get/impress.html for impress document) or in legaldocument view directory for standard HTML page (e.g. legaldocument/impress.html for impress document).
  3. You can access other LegalDocument type with the parameter GET friendlyurl: /legaldocument/other/?friendlyurl={friendlyurl}, e.g. /legaldocument/other/?friendlyurl=impress for impress page. To open impress page in a popup, use the following lines:
     <a onclick="ofw.ajax.alert('legaldocument/other/?friendlyurl=impress');">Terms</a>

Custom templates and template variables

To create a custom template for terms, privacy or cookie policy, just override the default template by creating a new HTML file in the proper directory:

  • in view folder legaldocument/get/{document_type}.html for ajax popups (e.g. legaldocument/get/cookiepolicy.html for cookie policy)
  • or in view folder legaldocument/{document_type}.html for standard HTML page

To create templates for other LegalDocument type, use friendly URL as template name (e.g. legaldocument/get/{friendlyurl}.html for ajax popup HTML).

Variables in templates: – the document title – the HTML content of the document

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