Outlast Apps - Analytics and tracking

Google Analytics code setup

For each client in the admin, you can create a default GA tracking code. This will be inserted into each app under that client’s name.

If you want to have separate GA tracking codes per app, you can override the default client setting in the App Settings panel.

Tracking campaigns with GA url builder

You can use Google Analytics’ url builder to mark visitors as arriving to your tab app from a certain campaign. When setting up tab apps, make sure to use the original app url in url builder instead of the final tab url:

Screenshot 2014-04-18 09.06.22

In otherwords, this should something like https://outlast.hu/app/something/ instead of https://www.facebook.com/something/.

After using URL builder your final campaign tracking URL will look something like this: https://outlast.hu/app/?id=1234567890123&utm_source=test&utm_medium=test&utm_campaign=campaign+tracking+test. Direct all ad traffic to this URL to ‘tag’ users as arriving from a certain campaign. Build separate, easily identifiable URLs for each campaign and each variation in each campaign.

You can verify that tracking is working correctly by visiting Google Analytics and clicking Real Time / Traffic Sources. The campaign identifiers you set up in URL Builder should show up here once you (or your visitors) visit the resulting url.

Page tab campaign tracking only supports ga.js at this time. It does not support the new analytics.js code.

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