Outlast Apps - Variables and data

Outlast App variables

The variables below are avaible from php (via $this->zajlib->variable->my_variable_name) or template variables ({{my_variable_name}}).

  • oaapp – OaApp – the current outlast app
  • oaappctl – string – a relative url to the current app controller. can be used in OFW Javascript api methods where relative urls are prefered.
  • oaappurl – string – the full url to the current app controller.
  • oarealappurl – string – oaappurl may change if canvas features are enabled. oarealappurl will always be the full, original app url.
  • oaperma – string – permalink to the current app controller. user this in ogtags for canonical urls.

Faceboook variables

Same as the above variables you can access these from php (via $this->zajlib->variable->my_variable_name) or template variables.

  • fbuser – FacebookUser – the current FacebookUser object. this is available if the user has accepted the app and has a valid session.
  • fbiframe – stdClass – a decoded version of Facebook signed_request (see docs). You can use this to verify user sessions, check which page tab we are on, etcetc.
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