Form - Functions, tags, & filters


No additional functions available in this plugin currently.


{% forminput %}

{% forminput 'form element name' 'form_element_id' 'default value' 'custom_html_template.html' %}

The {% forminput %} tag works very similar to the {% input %} tag. Its purpose is to generate HTML for a particular form input item.

The parameters are as follows:
1. form element name – This is a text that display which form input this is. It should typically be generated by the admin as ‘Form Name – Element Name’ and is here only to help you identify which input your are looking at. The parameter is optional and does not have any real function besides it being information.
2. form_element_id – The id of the form element.
3. default value – (optional) A variable which contains the default value for this item.
4. custom_html_template.html – (optional) A custom HTML for this particular form input. Like the {% input %} tag, it supports input editor variables within your HTML.


No additional filters available in this plugin currently.

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