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Add mobile to FB tab apps

If canvas app is not enabled, you do not need to do anything special. “It just works.” You do need to make sure that when you share the link on Facebook, that you share the actual URL (https://outlast.hu/app/?id=123) instead of the Facebook tab url (http://facebook.com/page-name/123).

You can also safely turn on the Force into tab/canvas? feature because this will be ignored on mobile.

Add mobile to FB canvas apps

Unlike tab urls, canvas apps with canvas namespace urls (http://apps.facebook.com/app-namespace/) can support mobile natively. To enable mobile support you simply have to set the Mobile Site URL option with the proper app url in Facebook Developer’s app settings.

From then on, you can post and share canvas app urls safely on Facebook, because they will all redirect to the proper mobile site.

Canvas app features on Tab apps

If you want canvas app features (notifications, invites, canvas app urls with mobile support, etc.) but still want to display your app on a Facebook Page as a tab app, you will need to add some extra code to your app to redirect users from the canvas app to the proper tab app url. See the docs here.

Important! This is no longer allowed by Facebook!

Naturally, only desktop users will be redirected to the tab app (tab apps are not supported on mobile).

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