Useful for fetching information about the user’s browser. You really should use this only rarely – server-side browser sniffing is much less reliable than determining browser capabilities on the client side using Javascript.

Outlast Framework uses a method very similar to PHP’s get_browser() function, but unlike that function the framework has its own browscap.ini file so you do not need to install it separately on the server.


browser The browser name.
version The full version number.
majorver The major version.
minorver The minor version.
platform Platform name.
platform_version Platform version.
alpha True if this is an alpha version.
beta True if this is a beta version.
win16 True if win16.
win32 True if win32.
win64 True if win64.
frames True if frames are supported.
iframes True if iframes are supported.
tables True if tables are supported.
cookies True if cookies are supported.
backgroundsounds True if sounds are supported.
javascript True if javascript is supported.
vbscript True if vbscript is supported.
javaapplets True if java is supported.
activexcontrols True if activex is supported.
ismobiledevice True if this is a mobile device (including tablets).
istabletdevice True if this is a tablet device.
issyndicationreader True if this is an RSS reader.
crawler True if this is a crawler.
cssversion CSS version support.
aolversion AOL version support.


Retrieve browser capabilities object based on a custom user agent string. Accessing the properties above will return the info based on the current user agent string.


@param string $user_agent The custom user agent string.
@return stdClass Will return an object with the properties mentioned above. Unlike accessing the properties directly (which returns your own user agent info), this object will return info about the custom user agent.


Return true if this is the Facebook mobile application.

@return boolean True if the request is coming from the Facebook mobile app.


Set the current device mode to ‘mobile’ (default), ‘tablet’, or ‘desktop’. Once you set it, OFW will look for device-specific templates. See here for more info.

@param string|boolean $mode By default it will determine automatically but you can explicitly set the device mode using this parameter.
@return string Returns the new device mode.


Return the current device mode.

@return string Will return the current device mode.


If the current device mode is the default, it’ll return true.

@return boolean Will return true if default, false if not. It will also return true if device mode was never set.

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