Built-in Models

Built-in models

There are a few built-in models which help you with typical data types and connections. They are:

  • Photo – represents a single photo. A photo can have multiple sizes saved for optimized output (thumb, etc.) Typically used with the photo or photos field types
  • File – represents a single non-photo file.
  • Translation – this is a table used to store translation for localizing models.
  • Category – this is a model used to categorize everything from products, to articles, etc. You can connect it easily to any model with the category or categories field types.

See documentation on the left for more info.

Test models

Outlast Framework also has a few test models that are used for system unit tests. You should not use these for anything other than unit testing. They are: FileTest (an extension of File), OfwTest, and OfwTestExt (an extension of OfwTest). You can and should ignore these unless you are extending system features.

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