This library provides methods that can help you manage arrays.


No public properties available.


Sort array values after striping words like “The” and removing accented characters.


@param array $array The array to be sorted.
@return array The sorted array.


Merges two array without a notice. This is similar to PHP’s built-in array_merge but will not fail if one or the other parameters is not an array.

$this->zajlib->array->merge($array1, $array2)

@param array $array1 The first array.
@param array $array2 The second array.
@return array Returns the merged array. If one or the other is not an array, only the array is returned. If neither are arrays an empty array is returned.


This generates executable php code from a given array. The returned code will use PHP’s array() function.


@param array $array The array values to use when generating the code.
@return string The php code required to generate this array.


Recursively typecasts an array to an object.

Unlike using (object) array() which will only typecast the top level of a multi-dimensional array, this method is recursive.

@param array $array The array values to use when generating the code.
@return Object The array as an object.

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