API reference

Introduction to the OFW API’s

Outlast Framework API is fully object-oriented and includes the base PHP API and a jQuery-based Javascript helper API. The latter is not required but makes using some of OFW’s most advanced features easier.

PHP API Docs Javascript API Docs


The OFW PHP API is exposed via the zajLib singleton object. It is the one and only ‘global’ scope within the entire framework – it is the singleton object which refers to the system itself and can be invoked from anywhere within the code. Within instantiated objects, controllers, libraries, and other framework-enabled classes you will almost always have access to it via $this->zajlib. Outside of the framework (or within static methods) you can access the object with zajLib::me().

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The Javascript API

The Javascript API is exposed via the ofw object. Methods and properties of the ofw object are described in the documentation.

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