Template system

Use of the Outlast Framework’s template language is strongly recommended, though not explicitly required. But as you’ll see, it’s awesome, fast, and provides a number of features that are difficult to replicate in native PHP. In addition, if you’ve ever used Django, Symphony, Laravel, or even Smarty it’ll also be quite familiar.

Inspired by Django Framework’s beautiful template engine, OFW compiles and caches all templates into native PHP code. This means that the code will be almost as fast as it would be in standard PHP, however the template system provides a few extra perks that make it worthwhile:

  • Template inheritance so you never have to repeat yourself (DRY principle)
  • Complete separation of views from program logic (MVC principle)
  • Easy for non-php programmers / designers to learn (basically it’s HTML)
  • Very similar to the most popular template languages
  • Easy to extend, modify, beautify

Let’s read about the syntax

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