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Install Less compiler on Mac OS X

Less is a dynamic CSS preprocessor that enables lots of extra features for your boring old stylesheets.

Here’s how to install it on Mac OS X:

  1. Install an up-to-date version of npm
  2. Run the less installer npm install -g less
  3. Now compile something lessc style.less style.css

We can also enable a “file watcher” in PhpStorm or WebStorm so that less compilation is automatic:

  1. Find out where lessc program is located which lessc
  2. Usually this will be /usr/local/bin/lessc, so you can use this path to set up the “Program” parameter in *Storm program.
  3. Go to “Preferences” in PhpStorm and search for “File Watchers” and set up Less here with the Program path from above. You should be prompted to do this automatically if you open up a *.less file.
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