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DNS settings

Web hosting

If Outlast will be hosting your website, you will need to update your DNS settings on your registrar’s admin panel:


It is recommended to enable this A: record for all subdomains, so that example.com, www.example.com, and anything.example.com are all directed to our IP address.

For legacy sites (those not originally developed by Outlast) please use A:

Email hosting

Outlast does not provide email hosting, but we can help you get set up. We recommend using Google Apps or Office 365.

DMARC policy

It is recommended that we set up a DMARC policy for your domain (both Google Apps and Office 365 support this) to authenticate outgoing mail. This will help prevent outgoing spam (people sending email in your company’s name) and ensure higher deliverability rates. If you set up a DMARC policy we need to implement this in our email sending platform too so that we can send emails with @yourcompany.com addresses.

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